Meet Geronimo… The bike

Yes! I finally have a bike. Its name is Geronimo and I already love it! It is very old and with over a thousand kilometers of “experience”. I will enjoy it a lot because for the next couple of months I will see Curitiba from a diferent point of view, which excites me alot, after being mostly a pedestrian for over two years. Curitiba isn’t exactly a bike friendly city like, let’s say… Amsterdam. But it has really nice bike paths with beutiful sights!! And the weather nowadays is awesome: not too hot, not too cold! Perfect for a ride.

Now that I have a new way to travel around the city, I might join the bike tours that usually happen every tuesday night, or just go everywere: to work, to school, to the market or just to any of the wonderful parks around the city! This is a picture of Geronimo, with some random street art!

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