Geronimo… And Oilman

Geronimo is fantastic. Perhaps is the best companion I could ask for, after Tyson (AKA The Canadian) and a friend who was an excellent partner while in Brazil, and who gave me Geronimo. Actually he didn’t gave it to me. At first he was selling it and he did have some buyers, but he changed hi mind and at the end he donated it… to me 😀 I’ve known Geronimo ever since Tyson bought it. I just fell in love with the idea of having a bike as a mean of transportation. While Tyson was around he would let me ride it, but still it wasn’t my bike yet. I would tell Ty how much a bike would help me to save money, as I would pay nearly 100 Reais (50 US Dollars, perhaps)  monthly on buses. He would tell me that I will have a bike soon, but I never thought of that until the end of his trip, here in Brazil, that Geronimo would be mine.

Finally he gave it to me the moment he left for Canada. I was so sad yet happy to have Geronimo with me! Well, we’ve been in three adventures together:

  1. The first one when I went to pick it up, I was so excited to finally get to see Curitiba from another point of view
  2. Yesterday when I went around the city, to Barigui Park and to Downtown Curitiba, in Alto Sao Francisco
  3. And today when I went to the park again and almost went downtown, but as I caught a cold I didn’t go further
In the third mini adventure with Geronimo, we met Oilman.  He is perhaps the most recognizable public figure in the City. Everybody knows about him: either as a Nelson Rebelo (his real name) or as the living mystery as the Oilman. according to the papers and himself (because I could talk to him and ask him few questions) he was a Biologic Science teacher at the Federal University of Paraná. His classes were fantastic and he was very popular among the students, not only because of his charisma, but because he used to sing Elvis Presley songs to the sound of his guitar. Who wouldn’t like  to have a teacher like that? I would!
It is told (by the people who really knew him and the news papers) that when he was very sick he went through a psychotic episode because a student didn’t respond to his love the way he wanted. He retire from University during that period due to health problems… And years later he rebirth as Oilman. Nelson Rebelo would go around the city and appeared randomly with his bike, wearing only a red or blue speedo and a lot of oil over his body. according to him he was inspired by  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Steven Seagal. During years he has earned different nicknames, among them are: “Herman Monstro” , “Homem Cueca”, “Herói de Curitiba” (Herman Monster, Underpants Man, Curitiba’s Hero), being the most popular of all Oilman!
So today me and Geronimo had a very interesting adventure and a meeting with a very peculiar character. I hope I’ll have much more adventures with Geronimo before August comes around!

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