A white Brazilian winter…

It was possible and, indeed it happened 36 years ago when below zero temperatures and rain created the most expected phenomenon in Curitiba: Snow. It was July 18th 1975 and everyone got up earlier than usual to see what was happening. I bet it was wonderful! I found a couple of pictures of that day, and it doesn´t look like Brazil, but like anyother European city.

...mas temperatura não está baixa o suficiente para repetir a neve de 1975, que cobriu os telhados da capital (Marcos da Rocha Coutinho / Arquivo)

When I came to Brazil from Venezuela 2 and a half years ago I thought that the only thing different was going to be the language. But I was wrong, the weather is totally different. It never crossed my mind that in a country like Brazil (a “tropical land”) temperatures could drop below zero and that it once snowed a long, long time ago. I remember have had a conversation with a cab driver and he told me that snow wasn´t uncommun here, and that winters were whiter but, as he also said, global warming wants things to be otherwise, nowadays.

It could be really fun if ever snows in Curitiba: to see the streets and the roofs covered with snow, and see people happy (and not bitter) that it was cold enough to make it happen. These couple of days, on my way to work, I´ve felt a frozen wind touching my face and my lips, and then as I approach Barigui Park (riding Geronimo) my eyes could see white everywhere, not from snow though, but from the freezing weather. The leafs, the flowers and even some small trees and bushes where frosty. It was beautiful, and I could imagine how amazing would it be if it was snow, for real and not frost.

But well, I could only wish. You never know, maybe I might have a surprise one of these days!