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I don’t know why but, I believe that our grandmothers never trusted in modern medicine. I make that statement based on my experience and fiend’s family experience, too.  In Latin America (I am not really sure is in other parts of the world) home remedies are a very important tool to raise a healthy family. As my grand mother told me once: 60 years ago medicine, in Venezuela at least, wasn’t as developed as it is today, an it was very expensive. Therefore, natural or home remedies were so reliable.

Nowadays young people (like me) find those kind of remedies absurd, because healthcare is accessible to all and isn’t as expensive as it was before. And let me be clear about something: some of the remedies, that I will write about soon, are really absurd. There is one though, that I trust when I have stomach ache: rub my stomach with olive oil. It truly works for me, and it has work for several generations in Venezuela. And when I told this to Tyson, he just laugh and told me that “it was a very ridiculous thing to do”. My mother didn’t believe in that either until, while visiting my grandma’  in Caracas, she had a horrible stomach ache and my grandma’  Teresa rub her stomach with olive oil for 10 minutes. After an hour my mother had not stomach-ache, and now she uses it when we (my brother and I) feel bad.

I have another friend who was born with a problem in her right foot. People might have thought of taking her to the doctor, so she could undergo surgery to fix the problem. However, her mother just rubbed her foot everyday with oil, and it worked (this happened when she was a newborn, still). Other friend had sinusitis and she went from doctor to doctor, and no one could solve her problem. until her grandmother told her to inhale the water of the quinchoncho root (I have no idea of the name in English), and problem solved. For the toothache people uses the oil of the clove’s head to calm the pain, and the honey is a natural antibiotic for nearly everything: from sore throat to burns.

There are just so many true stories involving home and natural remedies that this post won’t be enough to write them all down. Here is a list of home remedies, some are true, some other I don’t know…

Tonsils and throat, swelling and irritation: Lemon with honey gargle every two hours. Avoid cold drinks and scream.

Amenorrhea is menstruation absence, usually due to anemia: Drinking beetroot juice with lemon oil for 90 days before breakfast.

Arthritis: A glass of juice with grated raw potato and lemon juice. Take 3 times a day after meals.

Cholesterol: Pour a bottle of brandy pot-bellied, 12 heads of garlic, onions,  and 40 lemons. Stir and macerate for 40 days. A daily glass before breakfast will cure.

Diarrhea: Mixing ash with water, let stand a while, stir again and take.

Diabetes: Boil cashew, tamarind, eucalyptus, walnut leaves, bitter melon and a scoop of avocado seeds. Drink a cup every 3 hours.


Insomnia: Drink boiled water with lemon balm, basil and orange leaves.

Parasites: In the waning moon, just before bedtime drink boiled water with plantain balm, lemon and  three crushed garlic.

Freckles and facial blemishes: Place scallop shells or oyster in a glass with the pure juice of several lemons. When dissolved, stir and apply daily on the spots and freckles.

High Blood Pressure: Good amount of chopped garlic and a bottle of white rum. Take 15 drops 3 times a day with water.

Low pressure: Take warm water with cinnamon. Raw carrot juice with milk and a glass of brandy. Introduce your feet in warm water.

Stomach Ulcer: Take a daily liter of sugar-water boiled with plantain balm. Apply on the womb for 90 nights. Avoid anger.

Vomiting: For this, serves boiled water with of orange leafs and mint. Drink a cup every 3 hours.


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