Big celebration for a big cause

Most of the world population is hypocrite toward differences. I wrote most because I know that there are few out there that aren’t. Different is good, is fun and nice, and most of the time different means new and better. I have always been very enthusiastic about how people can change for good, I have witness that and is amazing how a difficult and somehow different circumstance can turn around someone’s life.

Yesterday I went to a party with my mother. A friend’s of her invited us to her husband’s 50 years old birthday party. You could see from the invitation that these people are really wealthy, something that we certified as soon as we got to the place. First of all, they are the owners of the super fancy restaurant we went, and they invited the weep cream of Curitiba’s socialite. Not that my family is wealthy or is part of that group of people, but we were invited because they (my mother and her friend) met at the chef course and because both have something in common: they are self-sacrificing  moms.

The invitation for the party said that his husband will not accept any gifts but a small contribution for their son, who has Down syndrome. Yes, the party wasn’t actually for him but for the institution for special children were their younger son, Jean Franco, studies. So, in some way, the valuable thing about this family isn´t their money or how much wealthy they are, but the union, abnegation and the support they have for each other.

I got the chance to met little Jean Franco and he is as normal as any 10 years old kid. I could notice that he was super special not for the syndrome, but for what he really is: loves music, likes to sing and dance, very outgoing, talkative, friendly, and very smart. His mother told us that they got everything, they don’t need anything at all, and all they’ve got is for their son, and to help the school where he studies.

Probably most people at the party went there to gossip about Curitiba’s social life: what happened to whom? Who got liposuction or a brand new Mercedes-Benz? Who was promoted in which company? Who got divorces or who got married…? And so on and so forth. I know my mother and I went there to do something together and to really support the beautiful cause the party was about.

As we were eating and enjoying the wonderful jazz it was being played, we found out that the total amount of money that was collected was of R$ 11.000 (about US$ 7.000), which isn’t much, but it is a grain of sand to create a huge mountain.