Brazil is the “Carnival capital of the world”. The most amazing, colourful and beautiful Carnival celebration is here, most precisely in Rio de Janeiro. Actually, most foreigners before arriving to Brazil believe that this country is a huge Sambodromo (where Carnival takes place in Rio): full of colors, music, drums and naked super tanned (umpa-lumpa kind of tan) women dancing to the rhythm of Samba. Well…  Brazil isn’t like that, not even during Carnival; and there are other cities in southern Brazil that celebrate Carnival in a very unusual but interesting and fun way.

 No naked women or drum’s beat. Monsters, zombies and ghosts were part of the Curitibanos Carnival or Zombie Walk.

This event has 6 years running, and in 2011 more than a thousand people dressed like zombies walked Curitiba‘s main street celebrating the Carnival in a unique way.

One of the first Zombie Walk events took place in Toronto, Canada in 2003; then the zombie fever spreaded to Vancouver, then went to the USA, until it arrived in Brazil and its southern city, Curitiba. I knew about the walk ever since I came to the city but, as most of the people, I imagined it was a kind of underground event until I had the opportunity to go. It is just amazing!! From teens to adults, from people of different backgrounds to families with their pets, Zombie Walk was an amazing universal event full of creativity and tons of fake blood.