So, Curitiba celebrated the very first International Comics Convention to be hosted in this southern city. It is so crazy to see people’s excitement toward such an important event for Curitibanos comics’ fans. Actually Curitiba is the very first Brazilian city to have a space completely dedicated to the gibis’ preservation and dissemination.

During this time of the year, several countries celebrate the “Comics Culture” through event like Gibicon. It was so amazing to go around the city and see all the people in Cosplay (costume play). Gibicon is an international comics event, that took part in different places in Curitiba, showing how strong comics have become around the world.

I started to read comics in Norway (when I was exchange student) as an alternative way to learn the language, as comics as very easy to read and without complicated words or phrases, so it was very easy to understand. I usually would go to Oslo in a 40 minutes train trip, I would take my some comic magazines and digest them in no time. Then I started to watch all this Hollywood movies depicting Marvel heroes or teams like Spiderman or X-men. So when I heard that there was going to be a Comics Convention in the City I said to me “you got to go”.

Besides having international guests – as the main highlights of the event – GibiCon was also wonderful for the cosplay nearly everywhere, expositions with samurai, lot of parties, music and tons of fun. I, particularly, didn’t do cosplay because I had to go to the bank and to an interview, so it would have been awkward to go the bank dressed up like Wonder Woman.