The very first day of [A NEW CHAPTER IN] my life

Today started a new journey in my life. After two and a half years in Brazil where I had – as a whole – a wonderful experience, today I embarked in a journey where brand new challenges await me. Living in the Netherlands, at the Hague, at last!

The moment I arrived in Curitiba I remember being so sad and bitter about the unfairness of life, not realizing about the great opportunity both my parents gave me and my brother. I was so comfortable in Venezuela (despite the social and political situation my country is still facing). I was happy (or so I thought), tasting the very first nectar of success in my career, fantastic friends, a serious relationship and, suddenly, my life changed, and I was pushed out of my comfort zone. And I had to learn to live with that. For the first time in years I had to get used to a new system: the “Brazilian way”. To start from zero isn’t easy, and I had to start so many things from the scratch.

I guess we are never ready for changes, even though we always say that we are. I wasn’t at all, but I faced it and took my destiny into my hands and said to myself: “if is Brazil where you have to start, then so be it”. And I am a very stubborn person, with conviction and passion. Those three characteristics all together can be terrible, but somehow they were my partners and thanks to them I became a fighter that will never ever quit, despite the odds.

Nowadays, I firmly believe that Brazil was, definitely, an important passage in order to continue moving on. I am so happy to know that I take with me a luggage where I carry all the amazing things that I have learned and experienced in Brazil, such as:

  1. Have finished my studies here, which took me about 2 years of sacrifices, work, lots of months of portuñol and sleepless nights.
  2. Have learned a new language fluently. At first I thought Portuguese was horrible, because I didn’t understood it, and this is an example of how afraid we (humans) are of the unknown, and how stubborn we are sometimes to learn  new things, just because of the fact that those new things might change our perceptions of what we already know. Today I think that Portuguese is such a beautiful language and so important, because now I am able to communicate with more than 200 million people from Latin America, Europe and Africa.
  3. Have faced the challenge of rebuilding my expectations, be more humble and more down to earth which isn’t something easy to do for people like me, who are usually dreamers and who believe that the world is, still, a good place, that nothing is impossible or difficult, because – I think – we are the only ones that can transform obstacles in opportunities that could become assets to our lives.
  4.  Have fallen in love with a country that I now defend as it was my own. I am Venezuelan because my passport and my ID say so, but I am Brazilian too, not only because I have learned the National Anthem or “sambar” (to dance samba) like a “garota” (Brazilian girl), but also because that country opened its doors so my family so they can have a better quality of life than that of Venezuela’s. And that is something I am thankful for.
  5. Have met so many people from different backgrounds and even nationalities, with so many points of view and experiences that have become my friends, my close friends. This Brazilians, Americans, Canadians and Portuguese friends have taught me so many things as I have – as well – taught them. It is just amazing how in as little as 1 and a half month I’ve got so attached to people who I never (ever) thought I would meet or have any kind of relationship with, it feels like I’ve known them for ages. They have been the greatest asset, and I am going to miss them so much!

This brand new chapter has just begun. No one else can write it for me, no one else can experience it for me. Every love, every kiss, every friend and every wound, all the good and bad decisions, every tear and all the smiles, the laughs, the smells, every touch and very move, the friends, the enemies, the lovers, the rain, the wind, every time I made someone cry and every time I made someone laugh. I have no regrets for all that have made my life very interesting. I am happy that there are more pages to fill, because the best part is still unwritten…