The Hague

I can´t believe it took me about 2 weeks to write this up. I guess I was too overwhelmed with this new experience and all kinds of information coming all at once.  Well, here I am in the international capital of peace, justice and security: The Hague. What a lovely city, I must say. So far so good. The Hague is so international that I have met more people from all over the world than Dutch. This tiny little place has all what a cosmopolitan city like, let´s say New York, has: a beach, a Chinatown, major multinational companies and the embassies. And as little as it might be, The Hague (Den Haag) is the most culturally diverse and internationally oriented city of the Netherlands. At least, that’s my point of view.

In almost 2 weeks I have met lot of people; I have gone to the beach so I can keep working on my tan (I had to come to the Netherlands to have the tan that I couldn’t have in Brazil. So ironic!); I have ridden my – lended – bike around the city, which is the best  – and more sustainable – way to get around most Dutch cities; I have started my classes at a fantastic university, with diverse and super interesting colleges; and even better, I have cooked =D My mom was so worried about me mostly in the food department, because I never cooked while in Brazil nor in Venezuela, so why was I going to cook here? Well, eating out is very expensive and if you are living with other people what better way to get to know them and make friends than cooking a great meal? I have seen my mother cooking ever since I was little so, I know somethings and learning some others. Anyways, my host say that I am “an amazing cook” and, so far, it has been one of the highlights of this new life.

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  1. Hi Vero, This is very wise, to look the world as really is. The diversity and the changes. I am sure that you will be the ayes of many people. love y- Doris

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