Drei Land Punkt

It seems this was a two parts summer, the first part happened in spring and the second part has happened the past couple of weeks and it is about to end. Who would imagine that there has been summer-like temperatures in October in the Netherlands? Well, to take advantage of this fantastic weather, a couple of weeks ago some friends and I went to a little and nice road-trip to  the southwestern part of the Netherlands and visited the some bordering cities of Verviers and Eupen (Belgium), Achen (Germany) and Vaals (Netherlands). In this last city is where one can find the Drei Land Punkt (three land point) or where one can be in the three countries at the same time… Literally!

The highlight of that mini adventure, for me, was that  the flattest place on earth has a highest point (over sea level) which is 355.5 meters. I am really glad to know that the country where I am living in is not as flat as I thought it was 😀