Dutch Indian Summer

People might think that because I come from Brazil (thought I am Venezuelan) I would go – all the time – to the beach and always have a beautiful tan. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t happen that way. Brazil is such a big country with different environments, and I happened to have lived in a quite far-away-from-beach and Dutch-like weather place where having a full sunny day is hard and getting a tan even harder. So, for incredible it seems, I have spent more time at the beach in The Hague (the Netherlands) than in Curitiba (Brazil) in my first month.

It is true that Scheveningen (the beach) is just 20 minutes by bike from my place, that the weather here isn’t like in Ibiza and that the North Sea is nothing like the Caribbean. But hey! It is amazing how in just a couple of weeks I’ve got to use all my mini dresses, shorts, sleeveless shirts, bikinis and, therefore, have got a fantastic tan 😀 The Netherlands, 27 degrees C, in October = WONDERFUL! Not a drop of rain in days is outstanding for a country known for always being – literally – under water.