In the Flemish land

Some main street in Brugge

A random alley

Sepia II

While Mario was out for Madrid with some friends and I was bored to hell, I decided to visit my best friend, who now lives in Ghent, Belgium. We’ve been friends for 20 years already. A friendship like that – for such a long time – is a rarity nowadays – or so I like to think. I love her so much, and I am really happy that everything is going so well for her and her husband, Koen. While in Ghent, we (Pam and I) were thinking about the turns of life,and how as teenagers we didn’t imagine that we were going to continue our lives in other places and, eventually, live [almost] one next to the other (she in Belgium and me in the Netherlands). We also remembered – and danced – the music that we used to listen when we were in high school and about our classmates, which some of them are already married or with kids, or both.

Holy Flemish Wall

Shapes and colors

Details in sepia

Walking around Brugge or Ghent and talking about the past (friends, ex-boyfriends, and how nice and simple everything was, but we somehow made it more complicated than usual) is an amazing experience, even more if is with a person that has shared so many good – and others not so much – experiences with me.

Mirror, mirror

This is her, Pamela!

And me with my addiction: COFFEE!

Salud and keep warm!