Welcome back, Spring! Long time no see!

Today is the very first day of Spring!!! I was waiting so long for it!!! It has been a very weird and warm winter with a very cold summer before that…  And spring in the Netherlands means that the tulip fields will be splashing with color all of the country, and will push the grayness away. So, in order to celebrate the beginning of one of the nicest and most expected season I will post some nice pictures to commemorate the Spring!

Mini inhabitant

Miny pink flowers!

Just like the Sun

Walking around



A random nice yellow flower I had in my backyard

A blue kind of forest

Some picture I took while I was living in Brazil (Curitiba) and the other in the Netherlands (The Hague) where I now live. My love for photography started back then, and continuous now. I love all of these pictures because it also show the evolution that I’ve made with photography, or so I like to think 😀

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