Away to Sardinia

Writing your thesis proposal is not fun, unless you are in an island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea with a bunch of crazy and geeky people, eating fantastic food and surrounded by a stunning environment.  Well yeah! It was Mario’s birthday and we  went to Sardinia to spend a nice mild and sunny week among cliffs, beaches and caves.

It was entirely for ourselves. The island was almost empty (not many tourists, I mean). It is a place with a high rate of unemployment and neglected modern (and some old) architecture, that only sees better days during the three months of high season. It wasn’t my favourite place, but sure it was one of the most interesting trips I’ve ever made…

It was a nice and big multicultural group that became more homogeneous after just a couple of days. Initially the group was conformed by: two Hungarians, six Spanish, one Polish and one Venezuelan (me). The a guy from Belgium (Mark) and another Spanish joined us. Some of the Spanish crew were there in order to train on their bikes. Anyways, from the Netherlands we planned a nice surprise+BBQ party for Mario. We even called a place in Alghero to make a birthday cake for him, which ended up being too frilly for a guy who is very serious and masculine. The surprise was great, though, he loved it and we all had a great time that sunday.

From that day on, the week went from awesome to spectacular! Mario had rented a nice convertible and with it we visited several tiny and picturesque towns in the north of the island. Our cool companion was Jagoba (is not a dog, is an actual guys name) one of Mario’s best friends and a good friend of mine from the Basque Country, Spain. He is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. I wish I could translate the silliest jokes we made into English, but they only make sense in Spanish.

We went to amazing places; we got lost, and we didn’t care much to be honest; we ate really good food in every place we went; we took great pictures and even got a nice tan; the weather was fantastic; and the company couldn’t have been better. I can’t belive I could concentrate and focus on my thesis proposal with all that going on. But I did, and I even passed it! I guess that I was so relaxed and in such a great environment that I could pull my ideas together and write a nice proposal. Anyhow, here I leave you  some pictures that I took during my week in the beautiful Sardinia…

Features of time

A dragon!




Black and white beauty

Angry bird

I cannot tell which one is my favourite. I guess that the one of the seagull looking at me with annoyment is really funny and nice. It is actually one of the first pictures I take of a wild animal that I really like! I think I like all of them. Soon I will post more, about Sardinia, but also about details and nature… Which one is your favourite?