Sardinia’s hidden spot

The week I spent in Sardinia with my boyfriend and friends was awesome, and one of the best places we’ve been in the island was Neptune’s Grotto which is a huge stalactite cave near Alghero (the town we were staying at). It was discovered in the 18th century by Italian sailors (who gave it the current name because it is just by the sea and at the bottom of a very impressive cliff.

In order to go to the caves, we (Mario, Jagoba and I) had to go down 654 steps and then up. The view was stunning, with beautiful seagulls  flying around us. I felt so little and miserable in front of such amazing place. I must say that It was ma favourite spot in the whole trip. When in the entrance to the Grotto I felt I was going to be about to enter an unespected world. And it definitely was. Incredible golden colours and reflections made it to be the cherry in the top of the cake. Here are the nicest pictures…

I love the shades of golden colors

Look like soda straws

Sailor’s thought that Neptune lived here a long long time ago

Somehow I feel attracted to “mirror effect” in natural environment