Cherry blossoms

Close to where we live is Zuiderpark (Souther Park) which I think to be the biggest in The Hague. When I first went there it looked like it was sad and lifeless. Now with the Spring, it has got a new face, it looks younger and beautiful. it really invites you to go and spend the afternoon there. The first time I saw Zuiderpark in spring was a couple of weeks ago, and to my surprise several trees of Cherry blossoms were ( and still are) in their most beautiful stage, and the day couldn’t have been more sunny and nice. So I went for a walk, and here are the results:

In Sepia

In color

2 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms

  1. A chinese friend of mine recently introduced me to cherry blossoms… And I have been looking everywhere for them since…
    Nice pictures!

    • Cherry blossoms are beautiful and so fresh! I got really impressed when I found them here in the Netherlands. I am very happy that you like my pictures, Kgosi :D… Thank you for stopping by and take your time to leave a comment, I appreciate it šŸ™‚

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