At Europe’s Garden

During the first days after moving for The Hague, lot of people had told me about the Keukenhof. If you have seen the Dutch postcards with pictures of flowers or fields of flowers (Tulip cultivation) in different colors, then you know what I am talking about. It is a place that hosts hundreds of millions of flowers, from Tulips to Orchids and Narcissus; a display of color that is worth seen at least once.

The place is called Keukenhof or Kitchen’s Garden, because it provided herbs for Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut’s castle’s kitchen; and it’s only open during the spring, from mid March to mid May. Then, as soon as the garden is closed they export the flowers. Actually, after the second World War the Dutch government open Keukenhof as an opportunity for European growers to exhibit their flowers and hybrids.

We were depending on the Dutch weather to go; it had been rainy and cloudy for the whole week, so it was expected to be like that to. But we were very lucky because Mother Nature seemed to have listen to us and was very generous, providing us with plenty of sun and a mild temperature. After walking around for hours, taking pictures and telling bad jokes, we went back home happy for the day we´ve had and looking forward for warmer and sunny days.

Here are some of the pictures I took in Keukenhof. Some of the pics have name, other don´t. I am open to suggestions.

Deep Purple

Over the rainbow







Pink passion

Message in a bottle

I already have my favorites… Which ones are your?

Cheers and ’til latter 🙂

2 thoughts on “At Europe’s Garden

  1. All very nice photos, with a painterly quality. My favorite is “splash” due to the geometrical forms.

    • I am really happy you like the pictures, Joe… I am really happy to see how much I have improved in photography. And I think all of them are my favorite 🙂

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