Caracas’ candid face

Somehow i regret the fact that I started to get really interested in photography after moving for Brazil. When I was in Venezuela I would seldom pick up my camera and take pictures. Have you ever experienced that? I must be a very weird person because I didn’t find amusing to take pictures of my city, my people, my surroundings and the place where I grew up; I thought is was not interesting at all. And I was so wrong! Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I don’t say that due to the fact that I am Venezuelan but it is a place where you can find all regarding nature: crystal clear beaches (right in the Caribbean); the Andes mountain range starts in Venezuela, so our mountains in the western part also have perpetual snow; we have deserts in the northwestern part of the country; we also have extensive plains and the Amazon Basin in the south; Venezuela is also home to the highest waterfall in the the world, Angel Falls.

Unfortunately, crime and corruption is very high in Venezuela, that’s why my family left the country for Brazil some years ago. Anyways, a year ago I had to go to Venezuela to do all the paper work that would allow me come to study in Europe, and I didn’t forget my camera this time. So, while in Caracas (the capital city) I took some pictures that, somehow, show a side of the city I wasn’t aware of. I hope you like it 🙂

Somewhere in Chacao

La Vega

Metro de Caracas

Jesús Soto’s work


Around the Capital

I don’t remember where this was taken… I like it very much, though!

The beautiful Ávila (behind) and the Obelisk

Somewhere in the city

Caracas is Venezuela’s cultural and financial center (I guess like most capital cities). It is full of parks, museums, theaters and is very close to the coast – which is even better. Like any big city everything goes by super fast, there is no time to think about life events, because if you don’t keep up with the pace, you’ll probably get crushed by this concrete jungle. This is the kind of city that either you love or hate, no medium terms.

From the point of view of an enthusiast photographer and Venezuelan – who sometime misses her motherland – I must say that I have never liked Caracas because it was (and still is) a very chaotic city. Yet these pictures showed me that every chaotic place there is a quote of peacefulness, and Caracas has them, in very brief moments, but it does. I wish better days for my dear country; I guess hope is the last thing you lose, right?