Queen’s Day – Koninginnedag

The Netherlands is not the most exciting place in the Planet. Nor the most colorful. Yet, on 30th April those statements about the Netherlands dramatically change. It seemed that the whole country moved to Amsterdam to celebrate the Queen (not Beatrix but her mother, Julia). As soon as I arrived in Amsterdam with my classmate and good friend Janset we notices the orange tsunami that was approaching. Yes, as tsunami of people dressed in the national color (which is also the color of the royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau).

Queen’s Day is defined by many as “the biggest street party in Amsterdam”. Besides biggest, I would add the brightest as well. And the weather was a key element during that day; it seemed that the telluric Gods decided to give us a rest from the cold and the rain, a made Monday 30th April 2012 a sunny and warm day. Aside from the street party, families second hand items and sell them in the sidewalks, so the Queen’s Day is also a very big flea market. There wasn’t an empty corner in Amsterdam that day: it was an orange-joy-fever all over, with music, shows, fairs, food, smiles. I am glad went there.

During Queen’s Day I took hundreds of pictures, and I erased hundreds of them, too. I just kept very few of them. Janset was wondering why, and I really don’t know. I guess is one of the few things I don’t take for granted, that I want to be better and better, always improving. Photography if something that I love to do, therefore I give my time and effort to do it right, if you know what I mean?

Up in the air

Orange tsunami

Hare Krishna


Hands up

King for a day



Dutch pride!

Black and white, and orange

I will write soon, again 🙂 Thank you for taking your time and stopping by!

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    • Yeah! I was impressed with the joy and happiness of everyone that day! Have you been at Queen’s Day Before?

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