International Pillow Fight

Writing this now is kind of none sense because the International Pillow Fight in The Hague was a little more than a month ago. But I couldn’t write anyways because the camera’s memory card was in some one else’s hands with the pics from the pillow fight and an assignment from the university. Well, the good news is that I found the pictures and that I love to write in my blog that I couldn’t let this opportunity go. The pics are no the best; I think I have taken better. I was just testing the waters in regards of the shutter speed and ISO. I must say that to have been a test drive, i am pretty happy with the results. I have never been to a pillow fight before, until that day. It is a kid of a flash mob culture that pop different cities in the world every year. It is the funniest and harmless way to get the anger out of your system. As I am not a fighter (not even with pillows) I spend the time taking pictures and capturing a unique moment where people fought and had fun!