Venice: around masks, glass and lot of water

Finally, after a very tough week (thesis related issues), I can relax just a little bit and tell you about my long weekend in Venice. Venice. Venice. It is very hard to think of a single adjective for this AMAZING  city by the Adriatic Sea. There is nothing you can’t like about Venice (right, may be there are too many tourists): food, sights and a lot of history. Everywhere you look is history, heritage and soul. The canals, the buildings, the smells, the refreshing wind, the people, the amazing colors of the clothes hanging over a street, very narrow alleys and colorful windows or doors, the shades of hundreds of years and the trace of past generations.

Venice is simply overwhelming in all sense of the word. It is extraordinary and unlike any other place I’ve been. Venice has been so amazing since its existence that even during the time where the moors invaded Europe, they decided not keep Venice as ally do to its key position in the Adriatic (Venice was right on the border of the moors’ conquered territory), the best merchants of Europe where there, it was a major economic power and a very wealthy republic too (it was the most important center for trade an commerce).

We spent four days there where we experience everything, even an earthquake. I felt like a Japanese tourist, taking pictures of everything. The only detail I didn’t like about Venice was the fact of it being so popular and crowded with people, but I guess it is the negative side of being so popular.

Here are some of the pictures I took while in Venice. I will publish more during the week because there are a lot of them. I hope you like them as much as I liked to shoot them ;)…

At San Marco Square

This is a typical street in Venice. It just looks beautiful!

Quietly roaming through the canals

Living the music

From this post until the end of June, my blogging frequency will be limited because of thesis and school related issues. Wish me luck on that 🙂 But, as soon I am over with my thesis presentation I will let you know and I will be posting like before!

Cheers and see you all soon 😉

4 thoughts on “Venice: around masks, glass and lot of water

  1. Truly my favourite city in Europe, perhaps, anywhere! Simply magical.

    Wishing you luck with your work. I know all about it: my advice is, the hard work will be totally worth it, so keep it up, and be motivated by the thought of more wonderful travels to come once you are done perhaps! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your wishes, I really need that positive energy to get me. About Venice, it wasn’t my first time in Italy and I must agree with you, it is my favorite city by far 😀

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • By the way, Geronimo is my Brazilian bike and since I am not in Brazil anymore, I have got another bike here in The Hague which name is Uzi 😀

      I hope you’ve liked my blog and you’re welcome anytime 😉

  2. Well you can consider the positive energy to keep on coming from Leiden to Den Haag! Good luck!

    Also, nice to know that you are keeping up your bike-naming tradition here in the lowlands too!

    We are enjoying your blog as well – thanks 🙂

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