Murano and Burano

I have just found out that blogging has become my getaway. Now I am in “thesis mode”, a place that does not allow me to think freely and creatively. My blog lets me do that: explore, think, write . I know I will not find the answers to my research question writing about Murano and Burano, but I will give a break to the brain and let it breath for some minutes before continuing with my thesis.

Feels like water

Very delicate flowers

Feels like silk

Anyways, Murano and Burano are two lovely islands that are part of Venice. I have heard about Murano glass before, I bet you all have too, but did you know that:

1. Glass makers from Venice were forced to move to Murano due to the fear that the city could burned down?

2. For some time it became kind of a resort for Venetians?

3. It is Venice major cemetery?

4. Due to their prominence in the art of making glass, Murano glass makers became important citizens? In that period of time, they where allowed to wear swords, enjoyed immunity and their daughters got married to VIPs too, even royalty.

5. Despite the many privileges, they were forbidden to migrate. They did it, anyways.

I must say that Murano is a getaway from the Venetian touristic craziness, where you can find nice spots and eat great Italian food. I highly recommend it!

Burano, on the other hand, is not as known as Murano or Venice, but it has its charm too. This island is further and lot quieter, but its not so hidden secret is the colorful houses; this follows a regulation where if someone wishes to paint his/her house, they have to send a request to the City, that will respond with the color they have to paint it. This is a very old rule that is currently in force.

Boat floor

I love the combination of colors of this house!


Street light. I just love the colors!

Somehow Venice reminded me a lot to the Netherlands, in a way that they have also struggled with water for ages. Venetians as Dutch have seen in water both a curse and a blessing; since very early in time they have had amazing engineering ideas to fight floods. I think it will always be part of what they are.

Venice is a place that I would definitively come back for the pictures, the amazing food, the Spritz (a delicious Venetian aperitif), for the great vibe and energy you get from the place.

By the way, have you ever been to Venice? How was your experience?