Back in Blog: Music time

Yes! Finally I am back after more or less one month of total absence. I am done with my masters thesis, still there are some small details to add, but the most important part is done. I have missed so much this space, because is one of the very few “places” where I feel relaxed and where I can forget about pressure, deadlines, and feel free to write whatever I want and the way I want.

So, today’s  (or tonight’s depending on where you are) entry is about Open Mic Night, which is an amazing initiative developed by the expat community in The Hague, to promote musicians and singers in the area. This project has been running for a couple of months now and has been a great opportunity for local artist to show their talents and work to a very friendly audience.

Last week I had the chance to take my camera with me and take some pictures of TRULY talented people. They are not professional singers but teachers, engineers, scientists and lawyers that have a great passion for music and dedicate part-time to it. And if you come to The Hague to visit, then the Open Mic event is a wonderful option to meet people and to have fun.

Setting the tune

Contemplation in sepia

Sing me the blues

Music to my ears

Some Bossa Nova


Family values


May be on of these weeks I will be in one picture singing. I yet have to find someone who can play Bossa Nova or Samba and that is willing to play with me. We’ll see 😀