The Original Heavy Metal BBQ – RoadGrill

Saturday was the day where heavy metal fans could enjoy two of their favorite things at the same time: heavy metal music and BBQ. A small town in the outskirts of Rotterdam the Dutch band RoadKill organized a nice festival with their friends and fans making it the “original Heavy Metal BBQ”. It was fun and very loud, with song from the past and the present, and people of all ages energetically headbanging  to the sound of the guitars, bass and drums. Besides, mother nature was nice providing us with a mostly rainless afternoon, good light and a fresh air…

I landed in that festival (with Mario) thanks to Richard Morris, who’s fourteen-years-old son debuted with RoadKill in front of a very tough crowd, and extended an invitation for us to take pictures of the festival and specially of his young rock star. I am not a professional photographer, and I have yet a lot of things to learn in order to be even close to  the product that Mario delivers; however I felt very flattered  and surprised when Richard wrote me a message on Facebook inviting me to cover the show. When I told my boyfriend about it he told me that was a very good opportunity to further improve my skills in photography. Most importantly, I had fun. Heavy Metal, BBQ and Mario being there supporting me and enjoying with me made my Saturday worth every minute of it big time!

So here are the pictures of the RoadGrill Festival. I hope you like them 😀

Once heavy metal…

Always heavy metal…

Picture – Pete Lovell

Sign of the horn

RoadKill – Aaron Morris

Pete Lovell and Co.


The sign


RoadKill – Aaron Morris

Have you guys ever been to a Heavy Metal BBQ? If so, how was it? I would love to know about your experiences, and if you have any comments about the pictures and/or how to improve them, I will really appreciate them 😀