TOO much energy…

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting for a future employer to call me and tell me “Veronica, you’re hired!”… Well, it didn’t happen that way. Me, my friends and my boyfriend were very confident that I will get it. And I didn’t because according to the employer I have an energy surplus. Yeah! I am too energetic for the position. The exact words were “you have too much energy and motivation that is over-empowering. The communication team felt intimidated by that, that’s why we decided to go for the other candidate who’s more introvert”.

I wasn’t sure about how to react on that explanation. I have never received such feedback – in a negative way sort of speak – before; and I confess I was pretty upset at such answer. Yet, let’s be honest, it was my very first job opportunity (after finishing my masters degree) in Europe, with over 200 candidates for the same position as me, and yes I didn’t get it not because I wasn’t capable or without experienced, but as many of my friends and Mario said probably the company wasn’t ready to have someone very outspoken, a little bit overbearing (ups), and very extrovert like me. May be they though I had ADD/ADHD. May be someone who’s of a more introvert demeanor is easier to handle and to lead than someone who isn’t.

Yesterday I understood that is not enough to have the experience and the professional characteristics the employer is looking for, but to have the perfect personality that will fit with the company/organization’s culture.  There are more opportunities on the way, I am sure, and definitely more room for personal improvement. I am very new to the European market, I don’t know it very well so this is my very first (but not last) chance, and I hope next time is going to be better.

Have you ever gone through a similar situation? How did you feel about and how did you react?