Photo shoot with Ellie

Ellie is a beautiful young Spanish-born American woman whom I had the pleasure to meet yesterday afternoon. Her father, Richard, asked me if I wouldn’t mind to take photos of his daughter. I was flattered and kind of surprised since I am not a professional photographer and my skills are not as great as a some amateur photographers I know. However, I took that chance to practice my skills and learn many others, and since the day was beautiful I had to take advantage of the natural light. I also have remembered what Mario told me some days ago: that in order to be good at photography you have to keep taking pictures and size every opportunity to practice.

Is yet a long way for me to get good at it, although yesterday’s session was very satisfactory for me, Richard and most importantly Ellie. Of the many shots I took,  four made it, and of those four only one is my favorite…




Young Ellie

This last one is my favorite. Ellie Looks so candid and gorgeous. She’s a very shy girl, and I thing that this characteristic of her made the photos very special and unique, and I believe that it worked very well for the composition. What do you think? Which one do you like the most? Do you think I should have done anything different with the photographs?