Long time no write!

First and foremost, I want to apologize to my followers and readers for being so absent the past couple of months. I love this blog so much because it is my getaway to a new place in my head, where I start remembering about the good things I have done in the past; but it has been a tough end of summer, in a good sense I mean. Really good things have happened that have kept me very busy. I have so many things to write about and show you that I don’t really know where to start. My be I will start backwards, until I get to my family visit and my thesis, and my new job. Yes! NEW JOB!!! 😀

Well, I will be starting by saying that regardless of the Dutch weather, I have had great sunny days and really warm temperatures. For several days during the last week there had been a kind of Indian Summer in the northern part of Europe: temperatures reaching the 20 degrees, very sunny and dry.

In order not to get crazy with the amount of work, study, hobbies and social interaction, I will organize myself and write twice a week. Every Wednesday and Friday I will post new entries with pictures and all what has happened to me in the past months and eventually in the past week! I know I have being inconsistent, but I will try very hard to nurture my space and keep posting as I used to before the summer.

So expect the next entry by tomorrow in the morning! I can’t wait to tell you ALL what has happen this Summer and part of the Fall!

See you tomorrow… Cheers 😀