A week in the Mediterranean – Mallorca

Cathedral of Palma

Imagine being a whole week with nine of your really good friends and a baby, renting an amazing house on a mountain town at the outskirts of Palma (Mallorca). Fantastic, isn’t it? This was a trip that had already been planned for several months: first talking to the people that were most likely going to take part of it; confirm with them several times about the dates and the best place to rent houses; and looking for the actual house which was quite a challenge, not in the negative way because all of the houses Mario was checking were very big and beautiful, with many features like swimming pool and BBQ space. We finally found the house, and it was a dream!

In overall, we were 10 people sharing a house and two cars for one week. Most of the group was Spanish with the exception of four of us: Kat the Aussie, Claudia the Dutch girl, Stef the German and me, the Venezuelan. Eight of us took a direct flight from Amsterdam Schipol to Mallorca (we meet with the other two later on). It was so much fun since the beginning, let me tell you why.

Loosing the flight!

Mario is an specialist in that area. He often leaves home with not enough time or, when he does, he gets distracted at the Duty Free Shop  and then “Oh NO! I have lost the flight!”. For the trip to Mallorca we also left home with not a very good time frame. We took the tram that would take us to the Station, meet Stefan there and take the next train to Schipol. Now, we did meet Stef, and got on the train, but this one wasn’t going to Schipol – we had just lost it – so we had to take the one going to Leiden, wait for 15 minutes and then take the right one. Poor Mario, he was so nervous that he couldn’t even respond to our jokes and comments.

At the end of this stressful train ride we arrived in Amsterdam Schipol, in order to check in and take our flight to the beautiful Mallorca. We were hoping that the check in was smooth… We were WRONG. So wrong we were that we almost missed the flight. This time, though, was not our fault, in fact the women doing the check in were very, very slow making it difficult for de passenger to keep calm and quiet. At that moment I was so angry and ready to insult people, but it wasn’t necessary because some of the personnel on the counter were changed and the que started to move faster. Luckily we made it pretty quick through security, I almost lose my laptop, but at the end we met with our friends and flew to our destination: Mallorca 🙂

Arriving in Palma

The flight was crowded but quiet, and a little bit too warm for my taste. When we arrived, we encountered the very fist problem: to wait for around half an hour for the luggage. We were tired, baby Amelia was too, and I think that for all the inconvenient she behaved like a young lady. Anyways, Mario and I had to go to pick up Claudia in Palma; she had arrived the day before and was waiting for us. Before going for her though, we meet briefly with Mario’s parents, talk to them and drove them to their apartment (they have lend us their car for one week).

So off we went and told the others that we’ll meet them at the chalet, which never happened because the other encountered the second problem: not-big-enough car. A procedure that would have taken 20 minutes took actually two and a half hours. So after picking up Claudia we rushed to meet up with the owner of the house, who have been waiting fo r us for a long time. Luckily enough, he had a great temper and was in a good mood.

The dream house

This is the view from the house we rented

Alcudia is a small town by the sea around 40 minutes by car from Palma. It has many hotels and resorts, and also beautiful places up in the Mountains and hidden among the nature. The house we rented was one of those places: a two store house, with swimming pool, BBQ space, a nice kitchen and living room; all the amenities to keep entertained 10 adults and a baby. You could see the sea from the top floor, have encounters with wild goats and even admire wonderful sunrises. The house was not very far from Alcudia center and around an hour hiking to a very pacific beach. If you are thinking this was the paradise, you are not wrong at all!

The only problem we had was that there were some visitor that had arrive before us: evil, alien, mutant ants. Fine, not a big problem, but very annoying!

Aside from that tiny issue,  it was just PERFECT! When the others arrived – some of them a little bit irritated, including baby Amelia – were shocked by the beauty of the place, leaving no space for annoyance but for joy 🙂

Simple but tasty

So many things happened that week, that is going to be very hard to write it all in details. I am going to try anyways, not in a chronological order 😉



The first night, after arriving and settled down in the house, we went shopping for food, drinks and other things for the week. We bought everything, even more than what we needed. After that we ate the first tapas and the first “claras’ (bear with lime juice, very refreshing) of the day.

Man cutting Jamon

More olives

The next day we went to a street market in another town 20 minutes from Alcudia. There we bought the finest Spanish delicacies: Jamon Serrano, very delicious olives of all kinds of colors and flavors, cheese, sea food, chorizo, fruits and veggies. With all these food we prepared a typical Majorcan dish called Pamboli (which translates into bread with oil), and indeed it was Majorcan bread with olive oil, tomato and sea salt. Simple  but tasty.


Sunset in Palma

The roof of a theater school. I just loved the pattern

We also went to Palma. How come we were going to be in Mallorca and not visit Palma. We went there because the 10th friend (Carter) was arriving that day in the evening, so we didn’t mind to spend the whole day in the capital city. But first, an amazing lunch in one of the best restaurants I´ve ever been in my life: Flanigan. Yes! It has the most British name of all, but it actually serves typical food from Mallorca. The place is so good (the service is excellent too) that the king of Spain –  Juan Carlos – goes there to eat the very famous black paella.

a little part of the Cathedral

Most of us ate just like the king, with delicious wine and tapas, and then for dessert a tasty fine apple tart with Jerez wine. We ate so much that we decided to go to the city center and walk around and have a better digestion. Anyways, we walked a lot, visited the most important sights, and then Mario and Jose Luis left to the airport to pick up Carter while we were at a nice pub drinking cocktails and having fun!

Enjoying the house

Not only we went to nice restaurants, we also spent time with the nature. One day we all went hiking to the beach; some went all the way up to the mountain, while the others hiked down to a hidden-small-full-of-germans beach. After encountering wild goats and walking for a little more than an hour Mario and I got to this beach, which was refreshing and very peaceful. After that, in the evening, we enjoyed a nice BBQ with the stars and the moon enlightening our meal. That moment was priceless.

Also was priceless the fact tha just few of us were bold enough to have a dip in the pool, which was a little bit too cold – since the weather wasn’t very hot. It was fun! There were some blowing an inflatable crocodile, other playing something similar to volleyball and other just laughing and enjoying the good time.

Mischievous Cupid

I (and Mario, and probably the involved ones) think that this was one of the best parts of the trip. Ever since the trip was being planned, Mari and I talked about the people that were most likely to join. Three of our friends were single at that time (early March), and if you where thinking about a polyamorous relationship well… You were wrong 😉 One of the couples manage all the starting point of the relationship from the distance, while the attraction and love of the other couple developed right in front of our noses.

Couple #1 met some months before Mallorca; and although it wasn’t love at first sight in the beginning, they grew closer and closer, their personalities and ideas just clicked. One of them couldn’t travel with us, so Mario and I had to do extra work on our friend, putting the ‘distance issue’ on our side making them even more fond of each other… It was just a matter of few weeks before we saw them officially together 🙂

Couple# 2 met in Mallorca. They didn’t know about the existence of one another until they met at the house. She is very smart, beautiful and quiet; he is something very special (it is very hard to describe him). They just started to grow closer and spend more time together. We were not really sure how they two would work out, but they did it!

I think that that week in Mallorca was one of the best ever. I had such a great time with wonderful people in an unforgettable place. We had so much fun, ate and drank like kings. I hope next year we go back again!!!

I hope you’ve liked the photos and the story. I will come back with more (about other things) onFriday!

Cheers 😀