Vero the sailor girl – Sailing in IJmuiden (Noord-Holland)

The Netherlands have been a hub for new experiences for me, such as sailing, for example. Some months ago a friend of ours, Stef, wanted to celebrate his 30th differently. Stef is an awesome German guy, who doesn’t drink alcohol and is a chess master. Anyways, he rented a really nice boat (not very big) to have a special sailing-birthday party with his friends. We were flattered when he invited us, and although most of the crew was German (except for me, Mario and Pierre, who’s French) we had a lot of fun: cooking for the whole crew, reading, listening to music or just having some drinks and getting to know each other.

There isn’t much to tell. We spent a weekend at the sea, enjoyed a fantastic weather and share our experiences and ideas with really cool people.  Here are some photos from that trip. Enjoy!!!




Boats in IJmuiden


Stef, playing chess

Sailing in the sky

Alone with the sea

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. It took me an eternity to publish them, but here they are. So, have you ever been on a weekend with friends, at the sea? How was your experience?

See you next monday!!! Have a great weekend 😀