Tortilla de Patatas contest

Yes! And it was the most delicious contest I’ve been part of, not as a judge (well, sort of) but as one of the contestants, and the the only one no-Spanish! I am SO proud of myself and the fact that I have improved my Tortilla de Patatas technic, I tought that my friends were going to be disgusted by it, or tell me like: “well, Veronica, this is a terrible Tortilla”. But no! All of them thought my creation was (I will quote one of them) “very, very good”, just some improvements for the process, but the color, the taste and the consistence were good; the potatoes need more time cooking in slow fire, other than that, it was a good tortilla.

The Tortillas! Mine is the one that is closer in the front, the two that are further in the back are Laura’s and Blasco’s are the tiny one

Besides the Tortilla de Patatas contest, we also has a beer tasting. Mario had bought some very special beers produced in Scotland by the company BrewDog, and we needed the time to taste them, and the Tortilla contest was the perfect moment. These beers are very special not only because of the taste, but because the way they are brewed differently than the common brand you’ll see at the supermarket. The ones that Mario bought were amazingly strong (one of them being over 40%), that we thought we were not drinking beer, but whiskey or something even stronger.

BrewDog Beer

This are other type of beers from the same brand BrewDog. This picture is from the company website.

We don’t only had great Tortillas with incredible beers, we also had lovely desserts: Jagoba had brought Torrijas – typical Spanish dessert – and I had made lime and mandarin mousse, with a  recipe given to me by Blasco – one of my friends at the contest, and the one who made the best Tortilla.

This was Blasco’s tortilla. The smallest one, but THE BEST one

As I said, Blasco was the one with the best tortilla – in my opinion. He looked like a crazy scientist while preparing it, with all this different kitchen gadgets, and he even wanted to weight the potatoes to have the exact same proportion of everything.  But I must confess that all of this ‘mind tricks’ gave him the Best Tortilla prize.

I think that the next ‘contest’ is probably going to be next week, and I am not sure if it’s going to be a desserts or a soup contest. I would be really happy if we do a soup contest, and I wouldn’t mind about participating in the desserts one and enter to the competition with a delicious lime tiramissu 🙂 But I will keep you posted about any crazy contest I will continue having with my friends!

If you want to make your own Tortilla de Patatas, I have found a nice recipe in English with step by step process, you can find it here or just keep reading my post 😀

Spanish tortilla recipe steps in english:

  1. We clean the potatoes, peel and chop them into thin layers. Laminate the onion.
  2. Fry everything in a pan with olive oil. This is best done on low heat.
  3. Beat eggs and add salt.
  4. When browned, remove the potatoes from heat and drain on paper towels. Pour the potato in the beaten egg and make sure that the eggs cover the potatoes.
  5. We pour a little oil in the pan and when it´s hot we add the eggs and potatoes. We leave it to thicken slightly, about a minute, and with the help of a lid or a plate that has the same radius as the pan, we turn the tortilla. No fear, brave cook! This is best done with one quick move and without hesitation, otherwise you´ll have the half-liquid Tortilla all over the place (yes, this is the tricky part!)
  6. We wait another minute and remove it from heat. The egg inside should be done, yet not too dry, as the Tortilla is much tastier when it´s slightly juicy.

I’d love to embed a video but it doesn’t let me because I need an upgrade! Well, I guess you can find hundreds of video on Youtube about how to make a Tortilla. Good Luck with it! And remember, the best ingredient you could have is CONFIDENCE!

Keep on sharing! and I’ll write you on Friday!

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  1. Hi, very nice post! 🙂
    I just wanted to add that in my opinion, the best and most clear video for making tortilla is this one:

    I do not do the exact same things as him, but it is very, very close.

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