Murder mystery (very fun stuff)

I wasn’t really a Role Play fan before I moved to the Netherlands and met my significant other, Mario. Back in Brazil I played a couple of times, but not as intensely and exciting as in here. So far, since moving to the Netherlands I have participated in several RPG. Two in particular have been very interesting: one set in 2003 War in Afghanistan (I will write about this one later, because is also very full of details) and the other one in 1928 United States, which this post is about.

The mystery murder dinner game is not new, it is actually a representation of those crime novels, by Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle, that I love so much and I am sure you love to. The trick that these novels can come into life when you gather a group of good friends, set an awesome plot, develop the characters and done… I will tel the story from my perspective and the perspective of my character, Nadia Alinni.

Antonio (one of Mario’s friends) had develop a great mystery dinner set in the 1920s in Los Angeles, USA. The plot was as follows:

A night of Love and Murder

Dancing to the rhythm of Charleston

A rich and powerful Italian family is celebrating the oldest daughter’s engagement to the son of a very influential American family. The father of the grooms suspects that the Italian family is part of the Italian Mafia, and that Giovanni (Vicente’s character), the father of the bride (Alizia) is a bloodthirsty Capo. Since the American dad doesn’t know that for sure, he had hired an investigator, Owen Parker – played by Mario – to pass as a photographer and find out what the Alinni family is hiding. The Alinni family, on the other hand, is very aware of this ‘photographer’ presence and don’t trust that he is just there to photograph the family, so Giovanni Alinni send both of hit hitmen (Mario Baniolo and Samuel Wallace, played by Borja and Luis respectively) to question Owen and get some information.

To the left is Giovanni Alinni, and Samuel is to the right

Samuel and Mario, Giovanni Alinni henchmen

In the meantime my character Nadia Allini (played by me), is Giovanni’s youngest daughter and not very loved and respected by other family members, is a very messed up girl that dreams to have a different life far away from her father (and family in general). According to the story, she had been having an affair with Samuel; but this affair is not so secret anymore. During Alizia’s (played by Blanca) engagement dinner, all of the guests were asking very personal questions and saying very annoying things to Nadia “are you ok?”, “your look pale, you should eat more”, “I think you are pregnant”, “aren’t you hiding something?”; Nadia would deny everything and hide her secret very well.

Nadia Alinni and her brand new Bentley

That night everyone was planning something or suspecting from one another; no one was to be trusted. Nadia arrived late to the dinner and, as usual, her mother Maria Alinni (Teresa’s character) told her off. Nadia tried to explain herself that the heavy rain made it difficult for her to be there on time, but was useless, Maria would never listen to her. Alizia Alinni, the bride and Nadia’s oldest sister, had always been the favourite and the one who always got the attention of everyone in the family, and that night was no exception: everyone worshiped her, adored her, and told her nice things. Alizia hated Nadia so much; she never got along with her young sister. Poor Nadia…! Her whole life had been overshadowed by her sister’s.

Nadia had been having a secret affair with Samuel, who also professed his love to her. Both had plan for a long time to leave far away from the family, and the night of Alizia’s engagement was the perfect moment (according to Nadia) to tell everyone the truth and leave forever.

Prior to the engagement dinner Giovanni gave Nadia an amazing present: a brand new Bentley. She was so thrill about it, not because of Giovanni’s “nice” intentions, but because it was her means of transportation to escape with Samuel. She had everything well planned, but circumstances wanted a different path for her.

Engagement dinner

Bishop Amaro. He was the connection between Giovanni and the Mafia in Italy

During the dinner, Nadia tells her father that she has a surprise for him tonight, and that she will tell everything to everyone. Giovanni, felt a little restless and tried to convince her that she could trust him and tell him anything without fear. But how could she trust a man like that? He had never been a good and loving father to both of his daughters: every time he gets drunk he would go to their rooms and raped them and teasing them while they sleep, and the next day he would buy their conscience with expensive gifts. That’s why he bought a Bentley for Nadia, to shut her up. Giovanni believes that Nadia will tell the truth about what happened, and make him look like the monster he is. Nadia is a very determined young woman, and that makes Giovanni very nervous.

Nadia’s next step is to talk to Samuel, and tell him the good news: she’s pregnant. Samuel tells her that is not his baby, but she insists and tells him that everything is ready for them to leave the town that same night. Samuel is very scare, though, he believes that Giovanni is going to kill him as soon as he knows the truth, that is why he is pushing her away so both of them don’t get into more trouble. He wanted to end up the relationship, so no body would know anything about it; his loyalty to Giovanni was as strong as the love he felt for Nadia. Samuel was so confused. He didn’t know what to do. Nadia did know very well what to do, though. She is very defiant and a little bit stubborn, and she knows that Samuel is scared, but she doesn’t care about that because she is determined and will stick to the plan.

Time goes by, and people approach to the dinning room. It’s time to sit and have a wonderful dinner to celebrate the future union of Alizia and Douglas Caldwell (Yvan’s character). The dinner goes as expected, without troubles or major inconveniences. People start telling Nadia that she must eat more, and her sister complains to Giovanni because she didn´t get an expensive present. The moment is coming, and Nadia is a little bit anxious: she will tell the whole truth to the family right after the dessert that she has to bring to the table (the sister of the groom was going to bring it, but she persuaded Nadia with some lame excuse to do so). Nadia kindly goes to the kitchen to grab the dessert and bring it to the dinning room. As soon as she reaches the table… ‘BOOOM!’. Nadia is in the floor! She´s bleeding!

Nadia’s lifeless body

There was so much confusion after the horrible noise. Giovanni went toward Nadia’s body so did Maria and everyone else… Alizia thought that Nadia just wanted attention from the guest so didn’t care about her at the first moment. Then the family doctor, Peter Sulivan (played by Angel) confirmed that Nadia had been shot and that she was dead. There was a collective hysteria. “Who would have done this?”, “Is the killer among us?”, “Why would this happened? She was just a young girl!”… Who sealed the fate of beautiful Nadia Alinni?

Anybody could have killed her. It could have been Alizia: she thought that Nadia was a burden and never got along with her; maybe was Samuel: he was too afraid for the truth to come out, and as he knew Nadia’s plans, so mind as well kill her and shut her up forever; it could have been Giovanni, her own father: he was afraid too, and he didn’t want anyone to know the monstrosities he did to her daughter. Could have been anybody!

Taking Nadia’s body to a quieter place

So… Who killed Nadia Alinni? 😀