An original Christmas Present

I know, I know! I haven’t post anything in a while 😦 I think I have to organize better and respect the dates and my readers… But well, I’ll do my best in posting as often as possible 😀

So, it is that time of the year when we visit ou family and friends, when we spend a precious time with our love ones, and when we give thanks to all good and not so good things that have happened to us this year. I honestly can’t believe how fast this year has passed, and the many things I have done, places I’ve visited (many of them for the first time), meeting new people, achieving new things… Its has been amazing. But well, I am not here yet to speak about the year highlights – something that I’ll do in a couple of days – but to tell about my Christmas present.

Usually, for Christmas you hope to receive something that you wanted or have wished for; something that you would like to have but couldn’t buy or that is nice to have and don’t buy because you don’t need it. This year my boyfriend, Mario took all the things that I like and put it together into one single present: role play+Jame Bond/Sherlock Holmes+travel = Secret Agent Adventure!

I received a little box that had some interesting things inside: a bullet and a USB memory sent by M – the head of the MI6.

The first clue to my gift: The bullet (which is real) and the USB memory

The first clue to my gift: The bullet (which is real) and the USB memory

I must confess I was very surprised and kind of wondering what kind of Christmas gift was this. I didnt;t know what to do: if kiss Mario and tell him how wonderful is to receive a bullet and a usb memory, or ask him what was that… Well, I did the second, and he told me to get the computer and check what was in the usb memory; I did, and I got the following message:

Message sent by M

Message sent by M

M also sent a picture with the letters that our contact managed to write with his blood:

The crime scene, where our agent was found. Note what he wrote in blood.

The crime scene, where our agent was found. Note what he wrote in blood.

He was trying to write a third letter but died. What a mystery, right? I was looking for the answers during the whole day and trying to unlock the secret code. Many things came to my mind with the four number digit and the letter: a car plate, a postal code, the code of a specific item, even a flight ticket, but I thought all of it was too obvious – knowing Mario it was going to be too easy to think about all those things. After checking all of the combinations not only once but twice I was hopeless and asked for help. Of course, I am most of the time clueless and can’t find anything even if that thing is right in front of me, I just can’t see it. I think that Mario knew that and asked to look one more time, and then I saw it.

The code as a whole (numbers plus letters) is 2724 MXP, which is the code of a flight to Milan which airport is in Malpensa (IATA code MXP) flight number 2724 from Amsterdam on February 1st.

I sent that to M, who sent me an answer saying that I was right and that I will fly to Milan on February 1st (the ticket it attached to the email) and that as soon as I arrive to the airport Q will be waiting for me with a car and further instructions.

WHAT AN AMAZING CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!! I am a secret agent with a very interesting case to solve!!!! 😀 I am really looking forward to what is going to happen after I arrive in Milan. I feel like Sherlock, and Mario is Watson… I can’t wait really 🙂

This story will be continued…

So, how was your Christmas and what did you receive from Santa? Was it a great surprise or something that you really wanted?

Write to you soon!!!