A chaotic Dutch snowfall

A frozen canal

Being almost one hour in the tram that I usually take to commute to work is just too much. But apparently that’s what happens when the Netherlands is under heavy snow. And believe me, among the countries in Europe, the Netherlands is not really known for the heavy winter. Actually, if you check in Wikipedia, you will find that the average Dutch winter is mild and pretty warm, so no wonder why the whole country paralyses when there are only 20 cm of snow. I guess this kind of things does not happen in Germany or Russia, maybe because they have heavier winters all the time, so they have found their way through that and managed to live with it.

I must confess, though, that regardless of arriving at work an hour late, I was very comfy and warm in the tram, I could seat and wait until everything was normal again. Just like someone told me once: “There is no point to run if you’re arriving already late”…

Holland Spoor under snow

Another thing hat I discovered today was that when you are in a tram with a bunch of people that are in the same situation as you i.e. arriving late at work because of the trams being stocked in the snow, the chances of socializing are immense. I say this not because the Dutch are not friendly – quite the opposite, they are very friendly people – but because they are shy and usually when you are in the tram going to work or school everyone is focus in their own business and not really interested in talking to the person right in front. So, during one hour in the tram, I could practice my Dutch, talk about politics, and even about how beautiful is a snowy winter… I have to make another confession: despite all the ‘snowy chaos’ and the trams and trains being unable to move, I like this white winter better than the rainy one.

It was a very interesting way to start my morning. But tomorrow I will not take my chances, I will ride my bike to work.

Have a great day!