Going for the wide angle: 1st experiment

I am very attached to my lens because it lets me do whatever I want: normal shots, wide angle shots and even micro; and getting used to the multi-tasking mode is pretty easy. But in my birthday I received an incredible and wonderful surprised, a wide angle lens. Have receiving it now was perfect because we’ll be traveling to Australia in two months time and shooting those beautiful landscapes and the nature is all I want to do when I get there. Now I have about the same amount of time to practice and get used to the new wide vision.

Just a couple of days after my birthday I went out and experimented a little bit with it right here in The Hague. Since the light was not good (it was getting dark) most of the photos I took came out horrible, so I could only save three of them. Here are the result:


A view of De Buitenhof, in the center of The Hague


An area with very nice restaurants and bars, De Plein


This photo was in the city center very close to the parliament, De Buitenhof

What do you think? I know I can do best and have better results, I just need to practice a little bit more. Hopefully by the time we arrive in Australia I will be able to take beautiful photos.