Dreaming in a harbour crane

Travel and adventure means more than just taking a flight to some exotic place, taste the food and mingle with the locals. Travel and adventure is also experienced during your everyday life, in your city, in your town or when you go for a weekend to explore the country you’re living in.

Dromen aan Zee

This is the hotel crane… Very fancy room for two. Photo by Mario

During the last “country exploration” Mario and I spend a weekend in the north part of the Netherlands, in Friesland, where (according to the statistics and people experiences) is the place where the sun shines the most in the Country. That statement can be debatable though, because the days we went, the place didn’t live to the expectations.

Anyways, we spend some time looking for the hotel crane. I mean, we were at the place, but the crane was somehow hard to see. Just after 15 minutes, the manager of the hotel greeted us for afar and then we realised that we were “under” the hotel. Mario knew that it was a crane, I knew too but it felt like a surprise because I had forgotten about it.  By the way, we slept a night in this hotel thanks to Mario’s parents. It was his parents Christmas present for us. And it was very special because it is not very easy to get a reservation to sleep even a night there (all weekends throughout the year where taken).

Dromen aan Zee

Another point of view. Photo by Mario

The room (in the crane) was much more than what I ever expected. Very posh and elegant; the colours black, red, blue and white dominated the entire place. Despite the size of the crane, the room was very spacious and well equipped  We even had access to the control panel to move the crane. It was fun and very interactive night up in the crane.

The day after we went to Vlieland, which is a very small island in the north and the second least densely populated municipality in the country and, probably, the most windy one too. When we arrived, we realised that most of the hotel/spa was full of kids, and that we forgot our swimsuits; even when we realised that we didn’t have our swimsuit with us and we were planning to go to town to buy them, we couldn’t because everything was closing. We just had to take it easy and forget about swimming.

Vlieland's dunes

Photo by Mario

I must confess that we enjoyed ourselves during that windy and rainy weekend. We walk around the beach, with the wind blowing strongly against us and kind of liking it nonetheless, and then drank some tea and Gluhwine while looking at some random guy trying to kite-surf in the cold sea.

Despite the weather conditions we had a good time, good food and we laugh a lot. We didn’t took many photos – which is a pity because we prepared our cameras to test them before going to Australia. I think that we were not happy about that… As for the rest, it was cool, mostly the night that we spent inside of a luxurious crane for two.