Unseen Perception: Showing the true colours of society

“Music, and Rock and Roll music especially, is such a generational thing. Each generation must have their own music, I had my own in my generation, you have yours, everyone I know has their own generation” Ronnie James Dio

Unseen Perception

Band members. Photography by Robin Boer

What it’s lacking in age, they make up in attitude and social conscience… Isn’t that what a rock band should be about? If you put together youth, power and talent, you can have a rock band. Then you add to that equation a strong philosophy and an understanding of how society works and you will get the Dutch death metal band Unseen Perception. They have been in the rock music scene for just two years (they formed in 2010 and did their first gig in 2012) and have already earned the respect of the very demanding death metal fans.

Unseen Perception’s line up met many years from previous bands and through networking in the Dutch metal scene. After some changes and different trials, the current band members are Bas (drums), Billy (rhythm guitar), Ben (lead guitar), Justus (bass) and Dennis (vocals). All of them are very young, and very determined to open people’s eyes about what society really has become and, as Billy adds “shatter naive believes”.


Artwork by Ben Ouwerkerk

The band members argue that the meaning of Unseen Perception is about “perceiving different patters of people and society, and unveil that humanity is not as colourful as you might think”. The band’s social statement and their love for music were the principal ingredients that inspired them into forming Unseen Perception. However, there are other influencers such as Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, Pantera and, most importantly, Lamb of God. In just less than a year, Unseen Perception has created a style of its own, with emphasis in the technic and fast drums.


Photography by Cho Tang and Kevin Baker/EPIC Photography

Is with their unique style and attitude, that Unseen Perception came to be noticed by the record company Leviathan Agency  in order to start touring with bigger and internationally known bands, such as the heavy metal British  band Skreamer, which has become a great support for Unseen Perception’s musical success in the Netherlands, in the UK, and also at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the USA.

These young talented musicians have become very big very soon, a luck that, according to Bas, “not so many musicians in The Hague experience very often” and this “had exceed our expectations”, he added. Their aspirations were match by the one of the critics and fans in the Dutch musical scene, which argue that Unseen Perception is very talented for the age of its members.

Of course, their most important fans are their families, that go to their gigs and support them logistically, mostly in shows outside of The Hague. As Billy says “our families have been our biggest allies in our passion, and their support is very important for us”. Yes, there is a reputation a rock band (mostly a death metal one) has to keep, but along with that they came to understand the significance of their families (and girl friends) in their ever growing success.

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Featured image by Cho Tang and Kevin Baker/EPIC Photography