Meet Vero

Hola, hola amigos!

This is Vero in Mallorca

This is Vero in Mallorca

Welcome to my blog. I am Veronica but my friends and family call me all kind of names: Vero. I am from Venezuela, but  now I live in the Netherlands. I started to blog (on and off) in 2008, and it has become a recurrent activity since 2011. I love it, because my blog is like my personal space where I can express my thoughts and opinions and show my interests. In fact, I am thinking of writing a book in the future, and what better place to start than my blog.

You are probably wondering “What are you doing in the Netherlands? Ins’t Venezuela a paradise?” Well, Venezuela is a paradise if you don’t mind about the lack of social security and the rampant criminality. But for me and thousands of other fellow Venezuelans, our country is not a paradise anymore. The Netherlands is that paradise to me because, despite the horrible weather, it is super safe and there are jobs for anyone, the crises didn’t hit that hard, and people is friendly. Yes, there many problems here, but they are different kind of problems.

Besides, being a journalist in a country where freedom of speech and information is at all time threatened is not really cool; so my family took the wise (and very hard) decision to move for Brazil, where I had the opportunity to live for some years, and where my family lives now. Brazil is pretty safe if compared to Venezuela, and the issues there are not as tough.

One of my cradle of happiness is my best friend, lover and travel partner, Mario, with whom I’ve traveled around and about, an also the person I share my passion for photography with. He is a great photographer, and thanks to him I have improved a lot. If you explore my blog from the very first posts to the last ones, you can see the differences in technique among the photos.

And this is was Vero Supertramp is about: a photo journal with every moment and memory of the trips, adventures, curiosities that I’ve been to for the past years. I want to share this with whoever stumbles upon my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’ll come back 😀

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